Hacking The Challenges Related to Growth

Yosemite National Park
07-09 Feb 2020


THE Summit

You will build relationships and spend quality time at this invite-only event created for incredible people. The three-day event is packed with unique content and interactive activities, which will deliver a memorable and meaningful experience.


It’s our first one of these, so we’re creating an event we’d want to attend.



The three-day event is packed with collaboration, learning, and networking featuring inspiring panel discussions and speakers 






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Partner VCs

Proud to bring inspirational VCs from across the country

Alpha Bridge Ventures


Spero Ventures

Anthemis Group


SoGal Ventures

Moore  Venture Partners

MiLA Capital


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How cold is it going to be in February at Yosemite? Do we need to take any precautions for snow or low temps?

Visiting Yosemite National Park in winter means picturesque. The average temperature in February is 53°F (12°C) during the day and 30°F (-1°C) during the night. We encourage you to pack layers, outdoor shoes, cozy socks, pajamas, toiletries, athletic clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Winter is generally mild, with snow at high elevations.


What can you find in each Airstream?

Each Airstream Suite is equipped with modern furnishings, plush linens, television, pull-out couch, stocked kitchen, and private outdoor area. Your Airstream’s bedroom boasts a queen-sized memory foam mattress, topped with plush linens and pillows. Each Airstream also boasts a full bathroom with walk-in, a spa-inspired shower, hairdryer, luxury bath products, and warm towels.

Can I bring my own trailer or pitch my own tent?

No. AutoCamp does not have space for or provide sites or open areas for personal trailers or tents. This is glamping and the Airstreams are "spa inspired." We wanted to make sure people felt comfortable, warm, and taken care of. If you were hoping to rough it, sorry about that. Perhaps you will find your tribe during the event and on Sunday night you can journey into the wilderness together! 

Can I bring my spouse?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring a significant other, cofounder, parent, or someone else who is close to you in your journey. Kids are welcomed, too. Pack your airstream with folks that give you love and energy. If you enjoy spending time in a confined space with these people, then we will enjoy having them at the summit. 


Is there WiFi?

Yes. WiFi will be available throughout the property.


What is the closest airport to Autocamp Yosemite?

Mariposa-Yosemite Airport, about a 15-minute drive from AutoCamp Yosemite

Fresno International Airport, about a 90-minute drive from AutoCamp Yosemite

Merced Airport, about a 50-minute drive from AutoCamp Yosemite

Why are you doing this? 

We all care deeply about sustainable entrepreneurship. The burnout culture and #HustlePorn that permeates many startup ecosystems in toxic to the founders we back, their employees, and trickles down to every employees' family. We’re not a conference company and aren’t planning to make a profit. Our goal is to line up the best resources to support founders and create the appropriate context where the learnings will outlive the summit.

So is this just a bunch of panels I can watch later?


Conferences have had it rough. We have seen people go to events because of the fantastic content, and then skip the programming to catch up with an old friend. Our discussions and speaker sessions are facilitated conversations. Imagine your business and current pains as a potential case study to unwrap as a group, and then together support you in creating a treatment plan to remedy those pains. We also have designed this event with plenty of "catch up time" to share a spontaneous off-the-record conversation with a peer going through similar challenges and build new connections.

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Midpines, CA 95345

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Matt Stodder

Executive Coach at Evolution

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