Yosemite Retreat 2020

Apply for a grant

Join us for this exclusive retreat. We are granting three free tickets. Winners will be announced on January 17th.
The three-day event is designed to assist founders like you to gain the skills, knowledge, and ability to identify critical issues that may be neglected during a firm’s early stages.You will have an opportunity to work with business experts who can help you progress to the Series B stage. Every founder is matched with a coach, and we have a media training expert as well as a mediation-for-founders expert hosting workshops.
Additionally, you will be joined by 50 other CEOs at your stage; and have a chance to learn from the peer group as well as other seasoned CEOs who have already overcome similar challenges.

6323 CA-140

Midpines, CA 95345

For more information email Marta at m@mila.vc